Patricia Van Wijngaarden-Cremers

Senior Consultant Dimence GGz
patricia 2

Patricia J.M. Van Wijngaarden-Cremers is senior consultant psychiatrist specialized in Gender, Developmental Disorders and Addiction at Dimence a large Mental Health Facility in the Province Overijssel.

Patricia van Wijngaarden was involved from the start, in the country-wide networks for psychiatrist and other mental health professionals treating adults with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). She runs a multidisciplinary clinic for developmental disorders in adolescents and adults.

Her teaching activities include modules on gender differences, developmental disorders in adults  and dual diagnosis for students and residents.

She is a senior research fellow with the department of Developmental Psychiatry at the Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen. Her PhD thesis “Gender, Comorbidity and Autism” (2015) was an eye-opener on the issue of gender sensitive medicine and psychiatry.

She has been active in the International Association for Women’s Mental Health over the past decade. In 2019 she started the Alliance for Gender and Mental Health – IAWMH NL of which she is the chair. The Alliance involves mental health professionals, users / family representatives and organisations for gender equity and women’s rights in the Netherlands.