Abstract submission

Important deadlines

  • The deadline for submitting a symposium and/or a workshop is Tuesday February 15, 2022 (12 PM CET).
  • The deadline for submitting an abstract for an oral or poster presentation is Thursday March 31, 2022 (12 PM CET).

Submit symposium/workshop

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Submit oral/poster abstract

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Information for presenters

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Please see below the different possibilities.

Information for presenters


Within a 90-minute symposium, several presenters give a short presentation about their work. A symposium is submitted in its entirety by one group. The Chair submits a summary of the entire symposium and will invite the presenters.
All abstracts for a symposium are submitted according to a fixed format. In addition to the individual abstracts, a summary of the entire symposium will be submitted.

Oral presentation

An oral presentation is submitted by an individual who has a short talk about his/her work. An abstract can be submitted as part of a symposium or as an individual oral presentation under one of the congress tracks.

An abstract for an oral presentation is submitted according to a fixed format.

Poster presentation

A poster offers researchers the opportunity to present their work through the so-called poster sessions. The posters will be hung during the congress days in a room where the public often passes. The poster sessions take place during a specific session in the program. During these sessions, the researchers are present at their poster and if desired explain their research to passing colleagues.

An abstract for a poster is submitted according to a fixed format.


A workshop is a short course (1.5 hours) in which a smaller group of people is taught about a particular subject. Active participation of the participants plays a part in this. Course material can be sent to participants in advance. Workshops are given to small groups and take place in smaller rooms.

Every abstract must contain 1 workshop leader.

An abstract for a workshop is submitted according to a fixed format.